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Chameleon Production Co., Ltd

Chameleon Production Co., Ltd is multi-industry advertising agency in Thailand. We have been operating since 2016 on the island of Koh Samui where our head office is located. Our advertising agency services focuses on southern Thailand as well as the Bangkok area, but best of all our all of our products can be ordered worldwide.

Strategy and future plans

Grown together with quality products!

Mission of BUSINESS and what we do...

Chameleopn Production Co., Ltd business idea is based on one stop service and we provide an easy solution for businesses, partners, individulas and event organizer to find all products and advertising services in one place by combining all of our service expertise to complementing each other. 

Do you want to be served?

Customer service is an important part of us and we want always our employees to enjoy their work and feel part of the company.  A good work community is reflected in products and services as a valuable quality. We want to serve you!! With us you don’t talk to a robot, you get real personal service. 

Make us part of your team!

The company itself often takes all the time from the entrepreneur and there is not enough time for advertising. We offer a great opportunity for this, regardless of the size and needs of your business. When you partner with us, you can choose to outsource all of our services to us or just some of them. For us, no job is too small or big, we always promise to find a solution to your needs. We also assist in matters related to the establishment of a company in cooperation with a lawyer and the accounting department.

Branding and advertising is close to the heart and we love challenges. We always looking forward to new customers and their wonderful business ideas and future visions.

professional at your service

Chameleon Production as part of your team

When you choose us as a partner, you save time and money. We have a large cooperation network that guarantees you fast and high-quality service regardless of the size of your orders. We are able to respond to large orders immediately, always keeping a deadlines. We also have our own production and for example all the graphic design work, branding workshops and custom products we done by us ourselves.

We have selected all of our products with a focus on quality and we have also focused on sourcing eco-friendly raw material options to be involved in environmental efforts due to global warming. Of course, this may sometimes seem like a bit of high prices for our products, but sustainable products and quality are important criteria for us.


5 Year

Feedback Summary

Customers and product quality are important to us. We have compiled a summary of the feedback what we have received from customers and partners over the years. We have monitored the speed of orders, response time of partners, durability of products and customer feedbacks. 

  • Project management
  • Business development
  • Cooperation reliability
  • Satisfied customers
  • Staying on budget
  • Order delays
  • Product returns
Since 2016
Janyary 2016

Company name

The development of the company began a year before the company was founded, as well as thinking about the company name. Inventing a name is one of the most challenging tasks when starting a business, and so is ours.

It was a very beautiful day in January 2016 and the founders of the company are sitting for coffee in Thammasat village near Bangkok city. At the same time, a person with a lizard on his arms passed by and we think could name of company been Chameleon Production. We had been thinking for a long time about a name that would reflect an object or thing and which would show the ability to adapt to the situation. Chameleon is an animal of all that and the name was like made for our company.

Then we just checked if the chameleonproduction.com domain is available and if there is a registered company with the same name in Asia and thus chameleon production was born.

10 May 2016

Company registeration

The company is registered and everything is ready to start operations.

Year 2018

New office opening

10 May 2021

Company 5 Year









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